Happy Birthday Motho


Starting the year off on such a high. I have been So blessed to have amazing people in my life. One of those people is my amazing Motho who turns 30 today ( thou he looks 25!). We had a braai to celebrate his 30th. It was so much fun, and most importantly we were surrounded by great people.

His birthday made realize the importance of having great friendships. Oh he is one of the fortunate few who has the ability to make and keep friends, good friends. Mdu has great friends because he is a great friend and when I was watching him interact with them,the brotherhood was so evident, it made me think of my own friendships and the kind of friend I am.

To be honest in the past I have failed a lot of my friends, I’m extremely sensitive, can overreact and have the sick ability to hold a grudge for years.I am slowly learning the importance of communication in all my relationships, the power a glass of wine, cheese cake and a sincere apology can do for a relationship. I truly believe any relationship can be mended if there are two willing parties and an open and honest conversations to start the healing process. In the past I’ve expected my friends to be psychic, to know what will hurt me, my moods and feelings.

I am learning not to put expectations on friendships, to love and appreciate people for who they are, not who I would like them to be, Im learning to be a good friend so I can have great friends. Luckily I have a lot of patient and kind people who are with me in this journey.

Some pictures from Mdu’s party. Happy birthday Superman!!!













New year, new me!

Revamping this blog! Last year I spent the entire year blogging about my school work and topics that really won’t authentic to who I am, I guess that why I handle blogged or even told anyone about this blog. As corny as it sounds 2014 is really 20-4 me.
This year is my year to be me and unapologetically so! I want to be more assertive, confident and actually embrace and enjoy all the opportunities life will present me.

Think I’m sounding a tad bit “flower child like ” promise I’m not smoking the holy herb, it’s because of the week I spent in Cape Town!

Took a short left with my boyfriend and his friends. It’s turned into a little ritual actually to spend the new year as couples, we have been doing that for the pAst 5 years 😒😒😒. To be honest thinks we need to change that and quickly. Don’t get me wrong the people are great Mara it’s time for a little change, think I’m abit selfish in a sense that I want my boyfriend all to my self.

Cape Town was a lot of fun for me! Truly a trip of many firsts! Check out all the awesome pics from our trip.

Hopefully this is a first of many updates! As my lecturers would tell me, to improve my writing I need to read everyday and write everyday. Using this platform to do so.














Day6 In-depth

Started my day at 5:30, had to take taxi to Spruit Johannesburg

The filming for my multimedia portion of my project, it wasn’t pleasant at all. I keep getting stopped from filming; one of the security guards and managers questioned my intentions and wanted to confiscate my camera.

Couldn’t take the kind of shoots I wanted. But the experience was eye-opening.

Tshepo was so open to sharing and answering my questions. Most of the time I would ask him to repeat his interactions, answer questions while working. I am Grateful that he was so accommodating and patient.


At the end of the day I got a bag of peaches, thankful that I worked with such wonderful people.

Day 5 In-depth

Smanga, a street vendor from dragon city

Smanga, a street vendor from dragon city


Spent the day researching for the multimedia aspect of my blog. Glad to say the day was very productive. Spent the day with a great man Tshepo Nhlapo, his a street vendor at dragon city and he was kind enough to agree to being videotaped. I was struggling d to find people to agree to be on tape. On Monday I will start shooting my video. To day I was just trying to find locations and planning my shoots.

Day3-4 In-depth

after a hot and tiiring day, i found refuge.  Wishes, Palesa Radebe, Madala

after a hot and tiiring day, i found refuge.
Wishes, Palesa Radebe, Madala

Day 3-4 In-depth

Ive decided to combine these two days. I was struggling with my first topic and people didn’t have time to work with me and avail themselves to me. I changed my focus and topic for in-depth. After two days of no progress, I decided to change my topic and talk to people who are actually interested in my research and questions. With the limited time I have, I can’t sit around in the hopes that people will return my phone calls and reply to my emails.

I am fortunate enough to have found people who are willing to talk and are more than willing to offer their service. I have been spending a lot of time in China Mall, and Dragon City.

It’s amazing what a smile and a handshake can get you, I’ve learnt that language is not a barrier. Everyone understands respect and honesty.

I was running around china mall and dragon city on foot, they are only 1.3 km apart but when you don’t have a cap or sunscreen and its 30 degrees it takes its toll.  I got to my third interview, tired, thirsty and sweaty. Madala, one of the shop owners I was interviewing was kind enough to offer me a glass of water, tissue to wipe the sweat off my face and a chair. This man doesn’t speak a word of English but he offered all these things to me with a smile and friendly gestures.

I’m loving the discomfort and strain in-depth is giving me, the amount of growth and learning that my interviews and interaction are giving me makes me appreciate this project so much more.

Day 2 In-depth

Day 2 In –Depth

It’s so frustrating to have a plan or an idea which seems so perfect and well thought-out, not work out. Today I sent the day on the phone, emails and this evening I’m heading out to the discovery sports club.

With the limited time I have, I really can’t afford cancelation with my meetings, voicemails or out of office email replies.

On the upside of things, one of my contacts replied to my email, he wanted a detailed brief of what exactly my project is about, the types of shots I want, questions I would ask for my video etc. Had to read through my lecture notes on how to draft a good brief before replying to the email. My contact has not replied yet but I hope this is not an indication of the kind of brief I sent him.

For now I’m already thinking of plan C and D but I really can’t afford to not have this work out.

Off to Discovery now, crossing fingers that things work out.

Day 1 In-Depth

Photo By: Palesa Radebe China Mall which was previously known as highgate

Photo By: Palesa Radebe
China Mall which was previously known as highgate

My first blog post for in-depth is a week late and I’m anxious just thinking about the amount of work I have and the limited time at my disposal. The reason why I’m a week behind schedule from the rest of my classmate is because I had mouth and throat ulcers.

My doctor said my ulcers are caused by extreme or severe stress and anxiety. This made total sense to me as I was feeling particularly anxious about my in-depth, portfolios and five hour exam. The fact that I was at home stressing about the research I was supposed to be doing, the contacts I should have made and progress that was not happening, prolonged my healing process and I’m still struggling a bit.

My first day of in-depth was sobering, the two china malls I went to felt like a waste of time. The (high gate) china mall next to New Canada was virtually empty, 70% of the shops there are vacant I was surprised to see how the mall is still kept opened. One of the shop owners said business is bad due to the fact that they have a lot of competition, most of the customers there are unemployed and Dragon city which is a few kilometers away is ideal for most customers.

When I got to Dragon city I immediately understood what the fuss was about. The mall is definitely bigger and better with a lot more options and variety. Could not get what I needed there but it was only my first day.

Though time is not on my side, I optimistic about my topic and the interviews I have managed to secure.